Monday, September 23, 2013


I've had a lot of different ideas surrounding this project, some okay and some bad. Then distractions, frustrations, and other things often self imposed creating resistance not only with this project but with other things in life. But if I want to see any progress no matter if its good or bad, I've got to do the work. So lets buckle in and slowly get this wheel turning.

What I want to do next with this project is spend a few moments with Moroni. The idea being that it would still be few characters and a short focused easy to tell story. However I would constantly change what that should would be, and would often go into some left field story line. A few weeks ago I pulled out my little note cards and reviewed what I last had, and tossed most of it. Then rewrote some cards, made new ones, and now I've got them all organized and attached to my dry board. While it isn't great it is a lot better than what I had before, in terms of flow, simple, emotions and character change. But there is still room for improvement.

This week I hope to review on here where I'm at with the pre-writing, what I think works and doesn't and an overview of the process that helped get me this far.

When I mentioned resistance I was referring to it in the way Steven Pressfield wrote about in his book The War of Art. It's a good motivating book about recognizing what is preventing you for moving forward, yourself, and some methods and ways of thinking that can help you overcome it. I really enjoyed the audio version.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Episode 1 is up!

Met my deadline and that feels nice, even a little longer than I originally planned. Far from the best animation I have ever done, but it is the first time I had my hand in all the elements, I did have to get some help with the rigging. Overall there was a lot I learned and relearned over the last month and half. I am excited to get working on the next part and to improve on a lot of stuff.

This was a one part pilot volume showing Joseph Smith retrieving the plates. The next volume will be multiple parts and focus on Moroni.

Tools Lightwave 3D,

Music based on "Joseph Smith's First Prayer" hymn #26